Microsoft Technologies


WE 4 IT Services is an enterprise customer of Microsoft and has adopted Microsoft as a standard platform with signified investments on Microsoft technologies. As a part of our unique model, We4it innovates and consumes state-of-the-art .NET platform infrastructure and MS technology solutions such as .NET application architecture patterns and practices. We leverage this experience of early adoption for our enterprise customer implementations.

The Microsoft Application Platform is a comprehensive and integrated set of tools and technologies which provide capabilities that help you maximize value from your application portfolio.

Microsoft Technologies

Business Intelligence

The Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI) platform delivers on the vision of “BI for everyone”, making BI accessible to more people in the organization through a familiar, collaborative, and managed solution. The platform brings together SQL Server as the information platform, SharePoint for business collaboration, and Microsoft Office to provide a user experience that business users know and use on a daily basis.

Web Applications

With Web applications, you can provide unprecedented power and flexibility to your customers, partners, and employees, giving them all the advantages of the Web, such as access anywhere, ease of deployment, and cross-platform use. Web applications provide access to information and drive digital commerce. They are the basis for Software as a Service (SaaS) and social networking.

The Microsoft Application Platform provides an integrated set of tools that are optimized for Web applications, including servers, databases, communication, and development environments.

Enterprise Integration

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) using a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) can transform your enterprise’s existing array of distributed, complex, and inflexible systems into integrated, simplified, and nimble resources. Microsoft-based SOA can connect separate applications and systems, create business-to-business online connections, and integrate on-premises and cloud resources.

Preserve your existing investments by connecting them through Microsoft Application Platform technologies such as Microsoft BizTalk Server, Windows Server AppFabric, and Windows Azure AppFabric.

Mission Critical Operations

Mission-critical applications are the essential programs on which your organization depends to get work done. These applications directly affect the company’s ability to generate revenue, maintain high customer satisfaction, keep employees productive, and sometimes prevent disasters.

Microsoft has invested in building a set of integrated technologies and products that are ready to support your mission critical application and data requirements alongside the industry’s leading hardware, services, and application providers. The Microsoft Application Platform supports mission critical operations by providing scalability, performance, transaction processing, availability, and security.

Custom Application Development

Use the Microsoft Application Platform to develop custom applications when out-of-the-box software functionality does not meet your needs. Custom applications can give you a strong competitive advantage.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 is tightly integrated with nearly all aspects of the Microsoft Application Platform, providing a single, fully integrated development environment. It not only provides a single development tool for servers, the cloud, and multiple types of clients (PC, mobile, and browser), but it also provides Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), which helps you deliver your applications on time, on budget, and with minimal bugs. Visual Studio 2010 includes Microsoft Expression, a visual tool that enhances collaboration between visual designers and developers.

Cloud Computing

Cloud services provide IT agility to enable new business scenarios. You can move your applications to the cloud to save on time and money, and you can leverage cloud services to create new business opportunities. Cloud services let you scale your applications on demand, removing the need to purchase, configure, and maintain the systems to run your applications.

The Microsoft Application Platform has designed their cloud solutions to be very similar to their equivalent on-premises solutions, making it easier to get started with cloud computing applications such as Software as a Service (SaaS) and Software plus Services. Windows Azure, Microsoft SQL Azure, and Windows Azure AppFabric provide cloud services, databases, and middleware. SharePoint Online is a cloud-based service with the same capabilities as Microsoft SharePoint Server.